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Dock Seals & Shelters

Energy Conservation, Security, & Safety

McGuire Loading Dock Seal
Loading dock seals and shelters are fabric structures that surround the top and sides of a loading dock door opening.  They are designed to be contacted by the trailer as it backs in to the loading dock, creating a seal for climate control and load security on the dock.When loading doors open, the transfer of air from inside to outside can cost thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs. By separating the interior environment McGuire Weather Sentryfrom the exterior elements, loading docks remain safe, employees are more comfortable, and energy expenses are minimized.

Generally, dock seals are used when servicing uniform vehicles at docks with a uniform door opening size, whereas shelters can accommodate a wide range of truck and building variations.

McGuire Dock Products

Dock Seals are for use with uniform door openings on vehicles at docks, and are constructed with resilient foam pads that compress to create air tight seals between the trailer and facility preventing moisture infiltration and promoting climate control. The seal also helps keep your facility free from airborne contaminants, bad weather, and insects.

Dock Shelters are ideal for trucks with varying heights, and where the entire truck opening must be accessible for loading. They reduce over-sized doors to match truck opening. Designed to fit your facility to provide unobstructed access to vehicle interiors, regardless of their size and shape. Flexible fabric curtains cling to the top and side of the truck body as it enters, and closes off gaps between the vehicle and building.

Getting Started:

Identify vehicles that would be using dockConsider vehicle size and truck body shape

Take measurements

Click below for a printable dock seal & dock shelter survey sheet to get started with the measurements needed to outfit your loading dock.

Dock Seal & Shelter Survey PDF
Choose a fabric for the seal or shelter
Factors to take into account to determine a fabrics reliability: Tear Strength, Abrasion Resistance, Tensile Strength, and Cold Resistance.

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