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CasterThe only authorized distributor of Colson® Casters in South Dakota!

G&H stocks the largest variety of casters in the region. Whether you are in need of replacement wheels for an office chair or mobilizing a full machine, our assortment of wheel sizes, styles, and accessories will help you get rolling.

We offer an assortment of casters ranging from home and office chair casters, general chair glides, crutch tips, and inserts, to industrial grade casters and wheels that can withstand capacities up to 10,000lbs or more. For hospital and laboratory settings, we handle a variety of different institutional caster styles including stainless steel for sterile environments and cushioned, non-marking wheels for floor and load protection. Choose from top plates, stems, or hollow kingpin rigs to mount wheels to your equipment. For additional load security add a side or total lock brake to your caster selection and keep control of your equipment and carts at all times.

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Selecting the casters that work best for your application does not have to be difficult. Simply take into consideration the following and once those are identified our sales team at G&H will be able to identify the caster that best suits your job.
Load Weight: For heavier loads, larger wheels are required for the caster. It also influences the mobility of the wheel.
Floor Conditions: Identify the type of flooring the caster will be rolling on, if floor protection is required, and if the wheel is large enough to roll over cracks and other path obstructions.
Unusual Conditions: Acids, oils, and chemicals that may be present in the working environment can influence the type of wheel that can be used. Identify conditions and select a compatible wheel type that can resist those properties.
Rolling Ease: Larger wheel diameters roll easier than smaller diameters. Tread width will also effect maneuverability.
Extreme Climates: Extreme cold or extreme head can be a problem for some casters. Note the environment which the casters will be exposed to and determine wheel & caster options from there.