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Self Dumping Hoppers


Watertight HopperOur self dumping hoppers are composed of welded steel to solve your bulk handling problems and increase productivity. Hoppers were developed for safe dumping and easy forklift handling. Their watertight design makes them excellent for handling anything from heavy, bulky scraps, castings, wood and metal chips, recyclables, and sludge waste.

The self dumping hoppers are precisely balanced design allows it to tip forward for complete discharge of its contents and return to an upright position. They are also equipped with a positive locking latch that prevents any accidental dumping. Hoppers are designed for safe dumping and easy forklift handling, and can be used for wet or dry materials. Factory installed hinged lids are available on most models to secure hopper contents. Add casters to your hopper to maximize its mobility. Call or stop by our Sioux Falls, South Dakota location to order or request a quote today.

Self Dumping HopperSelf Dumping Hoppers Chart

Hopper Accessories

Hopper Lids:

  • Factory installed
  • One lid size fits Extra Heavy, Heavy, or Medium duty hoppers
  • See below for lid options


  • Increased mobility
  • Two swivel/two rigid combination
  • Factory bolted onto base

Also Available:

  • 3-Way Entry
  • Platform Legs
  • Trip Chains

Hinged Hopper Lids