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Hand Trucks

steel, aluminum, Appliance, & Convertible

Hand Truck
#1 Warehouse & Distribution Tool

G&H's Two-Wheel Hand Truck line includes a variety of basic steel, customizable aluminum, convertible, beverage, and appliance dollies. Featuring hand truck brands Magliner®, Modern Equipment Company Omaha, Wesco®,  and Valley Craft®, whether you are moving small, large, square, or round objects we will certainly have the best hand truck to fit whatever your job demands. 

MECO HandtrucksStandard Welded Frame Hand Trucks

The standard steel framed two-wheel hand trucks we stock are available with a variety of handle types and interchangeable wheels. Handles available on hand trucks include the standard “U” loop, single or double vertical loops which are ideal for ascending and descending on stairs, single pin handle which enhances the carts ability to maneuver around sharp corners, and the common double handle grip for maximum control and comfort.  Whether you are transporting items indoors or needing a tire that Hand Truck Wheel Optionscan handle outdoor lots and rough terrain, change out the wheels on these models to fit your application. Featuring semi-pneumatic tires, pneumatic, and the flat-free foam filled tires, selected hand truck tire to fit your job.

Valley Craft Beverage TrucksAluminum Beverage Trucks

Built with a curved back and an all-welded frame to handle heavy loads, our beverage trucks are the premier choice for beer distributors across the country. Featuring the Valley Craft® standard twin-handle beverage truck, this cart is light-weight and easy to handle. It has a capacity of 600lbs and can handle up to 10 cases, two half barrels, or 1 CO2 in a load. Comes equipped with premium pneumatic wheels.

Magliner Hand TrucksAluminum Hand Trucks
Featuring Magliner® light-weight aluminum hand trucks, these carts are the first choice for delivery, courier, or transport companies looking for a ergonomic, reliable, and long lasting hand truck for the fleet. Magliner® hand trucks component based, making them customizable to each application. Choose the frame, handle, wheel, and nose size that best fits the products that are being transported. Accessories such as frame and nose extensions for oversized loads, stair climber glides, and accessory bags for supplies and paperwork are also available.

Gemini Convertible Hand TrucksConvertible Hand Trucks

The Gemini® convertible hand trucks 2-in-1 design allows it to convert from a 2-wheel hand truck to a 4-wheeled cart in seconds giving it the ability to increase load capacity and productivity per load. The transformation is as easy as pressing the release hatch and sliding the frame down the handle. It’s no-weld, modular design means that all parts are replaceable allowing for a longer product life over time.

Wesco Folding Hand Trucks
Folding Hand Trucks

Designed to save on space by fitting into small storage areas or car trunks, folding hand trucks are available in a lightweight aluminum material or in a heavier steel. Featuring the Wesco® Mega and Maxi Movers, both the wheels and nose plate of the cart fold in and the collapsible handle folds right into the lower frame, making this truck perfect for small deliveries and traveling. Models can handle 110-550lbs depending on the model.

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