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PedaliftIndustrial pallet lifts are the ideal material handling product to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing the amount of physical strain placed on the worker from constantly bending, lifting, and maneuvering heavy boxes and equipment. We handle an assortment of hydraulic and pneumatic lift tables, portable and stationary pallet positioners, manual pedalifts, and fork stackers.

  •  Hydraulic & Pneumatic Lifts

  •  Portable  Table Lifts

  •  Powered & Manual Lift Stackers

  •  Turntables

  •  Pallet Positioners

Work positioners are designed to automatically raise and lower to keep the pallet or table waist level during the loading or unloading processes. These ergonomic devices not only save the company money by increasing productivity, but it also eliminates time wasted moving around equipment, but it also promotes worker safety and eliminates unnecessary lifting injuries in the warehouse. Choose from lift styles such as tilters, turntables, skid lifts, and table tops. Most styles are available in both stationary and mobile units. Call or stop by our Sioux Falls, South Dakota location to request a quote or to order a lift today.