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cart & institutional equipment Casters

Institutional CastersInstitutional casters are known for their non-marking tread, smooth ride, silent roll, and superior floor protection. Featuring an expansive product line, these casters are predominately found on hospital equipment, utility carts that require extra care for the loads, store fixtures, food service carts, and other equipment with fragile contents. Institutional series casters can be equipped with brakes and are available in the following mounting options: top plate, threaded or grip ring stem, hollow kingpin, and expanding adapter. See below for our featured institutional caster models.

MonoTech CastersShepherd Casters

MonoTech CastersMade in the USA, these casters provide ultimate floor and product transport protection with its cushioned tread. Available in light duty, flat and donut styles,  the MonoTech wheel is recommended for any floor type and can roll over floor obstacles like electric cords and rugs with ease. It's composition allows the wheel to keep its integrity throughout its use life by rejecting floor debris such as metal shavings and glass and eliminating flat spot development even if stationary for long periods of time.

ThermoTech® CastersColson Casters

ThermoTech® casters feature an aluminum core with rubber tread that is quiet and non-marking for superior floor protection. The tread is developed from an advanced rubber compound that can withstand extreme temperatures up to 525°F intermittently. Mounted on a stainless steel top plate rig, these casters are commonly used on carts in hospital settings.

Vipor CastersShepherd Casters

Vipor Casters
Seen on mobile workstations, hospital equipment, and utility carts, these caster wheel options are designed with a specialized material that provides for outstanding abrasion, chemical, and oil resistance and offers superior floor protection. Rated as excellent on both carpet and concrete floors, the Vipor also provides a smooth ride on linoleum, wood, and tile.

Next Generation CastersShepherd Casters

Next Generation Nylon CastersOne of the most versatile and customizable caster option on medical and laboratory equipment in the market, the next generation nylon caster line includes anti-microbial, anti-static, stainless steel, and non-magnetic rig options. The thermoplastic rubber wheels are known for their superior floor protection, durability and chemical resistance. Commonly found on IV stands, medical equipment and furniture, laboratory carts, and mobile computer workstations.