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Dock Bumpers

Extruded, Laminated, Specialty Molded

Dock Leveler with specialty Molded Dock BumpersProtect the loading dock against heavy impact from semi-trailers and cargo trucks with our selection of Dock Bumpers. Even the strongest docks can crack under the force of backing trucks without proper impact protection. Dock bumpers are designed to absorb the constant abrasion and shock of trailers backing into loading docks, so your dock and the semi-trailer don’t have to. We handle not only the common extruded bumpers and laminated bumpers, but also specialty molded reinforced prime rubber bumpers for unique bumper needs.

Extruded Dock BumpersExtruded Bumpers

Extruded dock bumpers are specifically shaped in a half-oval to protect fender impact over a wide radius. These rubber dock fenders are made of age, weather, and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber, making them extremely durable. Their identifying half oval shape allows the radius to widen upon truck docking impact creating better deflection.

Laminated Dock BumpersLaminated Bumpers

Laminated Bumpers are known for their durability as well as being an economical solution to dock to trailer contact problems. These bumpers are constructed of fabric reinforced rubber from recycled truck tires and uniformly skived material. Laminated bumpers styles such as horizontal and vertical are available for docks that need protection from varying truck bed heights or extra thick/long for door seal & shelter protection.

Specialty Molded Dock BumpersMolded Bumpers

Molded Rubber Dock Guards are specially molded from fiber reinforced, superior rubber, with a smoother outer surface. They are specifically designed to fit your unique dock application. The pliable rubber is weather resistant while preventing impact damage to the dock or freight truck. Available in shapes such as "T", "L",  and standard rectangular.