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Stretch Wrap

Handwrap & machine  Grade film

Stretch Wrap
Ensure shipments arrive at their destination in the same condition they left the warehouse with our stretch wrap products. Stretch wrap is the ideal puncture resistant material that groups materials while protecting them from dust or weather that they may be exposed to during transport or storage. We stock both hand wrap and machine grade pallet wrap.



Stretch WrapOur standard stocking selection of handwrap is available in 3”, 5”, 12”, 15”, and 18” rolls made of the standard blown film material. Blown film is designed to be puncture resistant by using a slow cooling process during production. This slow cooling causes crystals to form which results in a higher strength material and its hazy appearance. In addition to the standard blown handwrap, we also stock the 18" size in cast film. Cast film is tear resistant like the blow, but because the cast film is cooled more rapidly than the blown film it is more transparent in appearance and is designed for more stretch to form to misshaped edges of pallets.

Stocking Sizes:

Hand Wrap Strapping Chart

Hand Wrap

Stetch Wrap

Machine Grade Film

Machine WrappingMachine grade stretch wrap is available in sizes 20” and higher. We stock machine film sizes per customer demand. We offer a diverse selection of machine film. Whether the application calls for the toughness and stretch ability of blown machine film or high cling, load containment cast film, we have the product that will keep your pallets securely bundled and ready for shipment.

Stocking Sizes:

Maching Grade Stocking Chartmachine Grade Stretch wraps


Stretch wrap dispenserIncrease efficiency when hand wrapping materials with our variety of stretch wrap dispensers. Whether you are wrapping whole pallets or smaller bundles, we will supply the dispenser that best suits your application. The most common styles include the single pistol grip handle which is recommended for 3"-5" rolls, standard roller inserts for larger wrapping jobs, and the ergonomic tension control applicator which less is designed to put less strain on the user as they wrap pallets by hand.