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Banding & Strapping

steel banding & poly strapping Supplies

Banding & ToolsSecure items on a pallet or in a bundle with our selection of industrial strapping products. Whether you are looking for polypropylene, polyester, and steel strapping materials, we have the banding to help protect your shipments from common freight and transportation mishaps.Available in bulk and individual rolls, each of our products are uniquely designed for the loads they secure.
Signode Acme Packaging

G&H also stocks a variety of tools and dispensers  for both poly and steel strapping, and is the regional source for the top tool manufacturing companies. Featuring the industry leading brand in strapping tools Signode®, G&H is sure to find strapping products to fit all shipments from light to heavy duty.

Polyester Strapping

Polyester BandingOne of the strongest plastic strapping products, polyester is a popular alternative to steel strapping in the brick, lumber and textile industries. Polyester provides excellent retained tension to stay tight on those rigid loads. It has excellent recovery properties that help loads absorb impacts without the strap breaking.

Polyester Banding Stocking Chart

Polypropylene Strapping

Polypropylene Banding RollsPolypropylene strapping is ideal for light to medium bundling, unitizing, and palletizing jobs. The polypropylene performs consistently to ensure secure packaging for shipping and storage. Polyester strapping is the impact absorbing banding solution that eliminates strap breakage by the material retaining it's tension even on loads that shrink or expand in transit.
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Handy Strap Kit

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Steel Banding

Steel BandingSteel banding is used extensively for reinforcing shipment and for unitizing and bundling materials to permit more efficient handling.  Our Standard Duty banding material is stocked in both .020” and .023” thickness, and is manufactured from cold rolled steel under rigid control. Precise uniformity width, gauge control, and finish ensures easy operation with both manual and pneumatic tools.Like the Standard Duty material, the High Tensile banding is also manufactured from cold rolled steel, however it is then heat Steel Banding Charttreated to provide the strength and ductility needed for heavy duty applications. The high tensile strength provides extra protection and shock resistance under high demanding conditions.

      Also Available:
Steel Banding Seals

StrappingStrapping & Banding Tools

In addition to the consumable strapping products, we also carry the tensioners, sealers, shears, dispensers, and other tools needed to efficiently work with both the steel and poly strapping materials. Featuring popular strapping brands Signode®, MIP, and Encore Packaging, we stock a variety of economy and premium models in the most common sizes.