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Cargo Control Products

flatbed & Interior van solutions

Ancra International CatalogStrap, secure, and be on your way with our selection of industrial and general purpose ratchet straps, cargo load locks, and tarp straps. Whether you are looking to secure an ATV, appliance, or heavy equipment on a flatbed trailer, our selection of cargo tie-downs and safety straps are sure to secure all types of loads for both inner city traveling and long distance highway transportation. G&H offers a complete line of ratchet and winch strap products, interior van load locks and logistic tracks, load binders, and tow straps.

Sline Products

Ratchet StrapsRatchet Straps

Ratchet Straps are the most widely used tie down mechanism on the road today. Their reliability and built-in tensioning device make tightening and securing loads fast and easy. A ratchet strap ensures the tightest hold on cargo and prevents load shifting and accidental release when locked. G&H offers a full line of 2", 3", and 4" wide ratchet strap assemblies in a variety of lengths. All of our 557 series ratchet straps come standard with high capacity webbing that features latex coated polyester with excellent UV protection and abrasion resistance and meets DOT and WSTDA requirements .Choose from flat hooks, wire "J" hooks, twisted snap hooks, or chain anchors to fasten your load.

Cargo Load Locks

Load LocksCargo Load Locks are extendable load securing device that simply eliminates damage to shipments by restraining packages and eliminating unwanted movement in truck trailers or cargo vans. The load lock mechanism simple extends with a ratchet lever and tension mounts between walls. They are equipped with cushioned spring loaded non-slip pads on each end to ensure they will not move and no damage will happen to the vehicle’s interior. Our 410 model extends from 86” – 105”.

Chain Load Binder LockLoad Binders

Constructed of forged steel for strength and durability, chain load binders tighten transport chain and secure it to each load. Available in lever, recoilless lever, and ratcheting styles, our load binders are rated for 70 grade transport chain and meet or exceed WSTDA T-6 standards. Recommended for equipment being Chain Load Binder Stylestransported on a flatbed such as tractors, construction equipment, and other heavy machinery.

Logistic Tracks, Beams & Straps

Logistic Track Styles

Logistic tracks are the most widely used cargo control solution for interior vans. The tracks are steel constructed and designed with channels that fit with decking/shoring beams or corresponding ratchet fittings. Tracks styles available include: Series E, Series A, and Series F. The most popular E-Track series tracks are available in both vertical and horizontal styles allowing facilities to customize their cargo bays to various applications while still being able to utilize and interchange all E-Track shoring beams and straps.

E Track Beams & Straps

Rubber Tarp Straps

EPDM Rubber Tarp StrapsRubber Tarp Straps are the economical solution for more load security. The rubber rope is designed with UV properties to resist cracking and extend strap life, offering both strong stretch and recovery performance in cold and hot temperatures. The "S" Hooks are zinc plated on rust-resistant steel, making these straps not just reliable but also long lasting.