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Eye, face, & head Protection

Glasses, shields, hard hats, & earplugs

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Protection from the neck up. Our lines of safety glasses, hard hats, earplugs, and respiratory masks are comprised of the most reliable and popular safety brands in the industry. G&H is the regional source for mining, manufacturing, mills, and construction workers looking to get outfitted with proper safety gear.

Safety Glasses by MCR

Safety Glasses

Enhance optical clarity while providing the best impact protection for your eyes and face with our line of safety glasses, goggles, and shields. Safety glasses and other eye protection gear are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, making it easy to be stylish while also protect your eyes from strain or flying debris. Dust and flying particles, the sun, and vapors do not stand a chance against our line of safety glasses and face protection products.

Safety GlassesAll of our glasses pass the ANSI 787+ standard for coverage, optical clarity, and impact protection. As the top form of PPE (personnel protective equipment) in Safety Lens Tintmanufacturing facilities and on construction sites, safety glasses have frames that are designed with flexibility for both user comfort and impact resistance.  Options such as the standard clear lens designed for optical coverage, tinted for protection against the outdoor elements or light pollution, and fog resistant lenses are also available. Featuring products from MCR Safety & Gateway, our complete line of safety glasses are sure to have the PPE solution that best fits virtually any work site.


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Hard Hats

Head ProtectionSeen in many industries including construction, mining, sawmills, manufacturing, and maintenance services, hard hats provide superior head protection by asorbing shock and resisting penetrations of objects that might fall from above or the worker may bump into. Featuring the popular V-Gard® Standard Cap style with the patented Fas-Trac® III Ratchet suspension which is a 4-point webbed hard hatssystem with a large knob on the back for easy adjustment and tightening. In addition to the standard cap, full brim and vented are also available.

Choose from a variety of colors such Hard Hat Classesas green, blue, yellow, white, and red or add accessories like sweatbands, sun visors, skull guards, cap mounted ear muffs, face shields, or Sherpa cold weather ear and head liners to fit the environment you are working in.


EarplugsAvailable in single or multiple use designs, earplugs are the premier solution to blocking out loud noise and protect workers ears. Choose from corded and uncorded in a variety of pre-formed foam plugs that are uniquely shaped to fit and expand in the ear canal. The popular MAX® single-use ear plugs is our top selling earplug product with its enhanced contoured shape that resists backing out of the ear once in place and economical price point. Packaged per case, these boxes can be used as a dispensing unit itself or fits into the wall mountable Leight Source 500 earplug dispenser commonly found in manufacturing facilities. Earplug Industry Applications

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Respiratory Protection

Worker Using Dust MaskDisposable dust masks and reusable respirators protect your lungs by either simply filtering breathable air from nuisance dust or some fumes or purifying the air from harmful chemicals like asbestos, lead based paint, and welding debris. Select a mask that best fits your application by taking into account the environment, what exactly does the user need to be protected from, and fit. Standard disposable masks are equipped with an adjustable nosepiece for a tighter fit and some are available with exhalation valves to make breathing easier. Respirators are designed with refillable filter cartridges purify the air to prevent exposure to airborne chemicals commonly  found in the  mining, oil & gas, construction, and agricultural industries

Disposable Dust Masks
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Air-Purifying Respirators (APR)
APR RespiratorAvailable in half mask or full mask styles, these respirators are found on job sites where high concentrations of fumes, mists, and gases are present. Most are adjustable and come in a variety of sizes to properly fit each users face comfortably and securely. Choose the full mask style in environments where the fumes and vapors irritate or can damage the eyes.

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