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Matting & Flooring

anti-fatigue, Carpet, & More!

Wearwell FlooringWhether you are looking for floor matting for along the production line or under a single work station, we have the ergonomic matting and  flooring that that only keeps employees Ergonomic Flooringcomfortable but also protects existing flooring from unnecessary wear and scratching. The versatility of the matting and large style selection make any ergonomic flooring system ideal for any environment that requires a significant amount of standing time including in warehouses, along machinery, at a lab station, or simply to line your garage or workshop floor.

Safety MatWe handle matting types including food protection, runner, static control, non conductive, sterile environments, indoor/outdoor entrance matting, and the most common anti-fatigue matting that is designed for worker comfort to eliminate unnecessary leg and back strain. Anti-fatigue mats are a common facet of many ergonomic and employee safety programs.