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Protective clothing

HI-VIS, RAIN GEAR, Flame Resistant, & more

Hi Vis Suit


Gear up for safety with our lines of high-visibility and flame-resistant clothing, rain gear, all-weather work wear, and disposable coveralls. Featuring  products from MCR Safety's River City Garments division, our protective clothing lines will not only keep your personnel safe while on the job, but will also keep them comfortable.  Product lines include vests, shirts, jackets, pants, coveralls, hooded coats, and more.



Hi-Vis SuitHigh-Visibility garments are ideal at work-sites where heavy equipment is being operated or in high vehicle traffic areas. The bright colors and reflective stripes communicate and alert drivers and equipment operators of the location of personnel at all times.  Common high-visibility products like vests and reflective T-shirts and sweatshirts are popular on construction sites. For added weather protection, polar fleece and insulated bomber jackets and pants are also available.

Hi Vis Clothing



Rain Gear

Combat weather elements with our rain gear products including raincoats, jackets, full suits, ponchos, and pants. Designed with water resistant fabric, the large variety of styles and fit options allow workers to choose the garments that best fit them and their job. Most are styles come in the industry standard classic yellow color, and as an added feature some feature limited flammability fabric.
Rain Gear

Flame ResistantMCR SAFETY

Fire Resistant Fabric
For protection from flash fires and to increase electrical safety in the workplace, our lines of flame resistant jeans, shirts, coveralls, overalls, and jackets offer industry leading personnel safety.  Whether you are working in the rugged oil and gas industry or working in an environment with electrical hazards, G&H is the source for outfitting your workforce with both comfortable and safe flame resistant garments. Our preferred source for FR gear meets Hazard Risk Categories 2 or 3.

Flame Resistant Clothing

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