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Pallet Racking

upright frames, load beams, & Wire decking

Pallet Racking

Racking Systems

Make your warehouse more efficient & organized with a racking solution that meets your bulk storage needs. We stock several sizes of teardrop style racking. This Selective Pallet Rack product features a teardrop pattern. It's designed to allow for quick and easy assembly while providing the same strength and stability of comparable racking systems. These racking systems are the most commonly found pallet storage systems in warehouses with benefits including direct entry and accessibility to each pallet,  adjustability when customizing warehouse storage, and generally are the lease expensive pallet rack option. Whether you are looking to outfit a new warehouse or simply replace or add to existing racking, G&H is your source for upright frames, load beams, and wire decking.

Pallet Racking Chart

Teardrop RackingUpright Frames
Rigid, all-welded uprights provide the frame for all racking systems. Uprights determine the height and the depth of your pallet racking. Select the height of the upright frames according to existing ceiling heights, sprinkler systems, and forklift limitations. The frame depth is determined by the length of the pallet. Standard color of our new uprights is green.

Load Beams
Special brackets that adjust up and down the upright frame. Length equals the total difference between uprights. Determining the beam length for your Wire Deckingapplication is calculated by adding together the widths of the pallet loads plus  5” clearance between pallets and uprights and 6” between each pallet load. The standard color of beams is orange.

Wire Decking
Galvanized mesh decks that are reinforced with formed steel channels and welded to the wire. They increase the stability of pallets on the racking and provide fall protection from broken or loose pallet contents. The standard is the Waterfall Style, which is designed with a 90° bent edge that overlaps the horizontal support beam of the racking.

Used Pallet RackUsed Pallet Rack

A great economical solution for racking projects. All of the used racking we acquire is in good condition and typically can be pieced together with new components of the same style. We tend to have a steady stock of mostly used load beams on hand but inventory changes fast so act quickly.

Looking for specific racking styles to store your unique materials? We also handle reel racks, drum storage racks, U-racks, steel stacks, vertical racks, and bar storage racks.